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The hair is like a crown on the heads of women, which is not only women but also everyone, whether it is a small child or a old person increases the beauty of everyone too. there are many types of hair problem solution in chandigarh. where we find the best hair specialist. there are different types of hair treatment such as  Dandruff, Hair Loss,  Dry Hair,  Spit Ends,  Oily/Greasy Hair,  Frizzy Hair, Dull Hair, Heat Damaged Hair and many more. Many hair specialist help for best hair treatment result.

Need for best hair problems solutions in Chandigarh

Hair Problem Solution Tricity


Chandigarh city is very famous. Chandigarh is a modern society. People from nearby cities have to go to party, marriage, anniversary or any festival or on their important occasion but due to the problem of hair they are ashamed to go anywhere. But now they have a solution to this problem. which brings happiness to your face.

 Types of hair:

  • Normal hair ·
  • Oily hair ·
  • Dry hair

Types of hair problems ·   

  • Dandruff·     
  • Hair Loss·    
  • Dry Hair·     
  • Spit Ends·     
  • Oily/Greasy Hair·    
  • Frizzy Hair·   
  • Dull Hair·     
  • Heat Damaged Hair

 Reasons of hair problems ·      

  • Anxiety·   
  • Stress·     
  • Scalp Infection·     
  • Do not have proper care·     
  • hair Using harsh Shampoo Extreme ·  
  • Medicine Side Effect·     
  • Lack of insufficient nutrition, vitamins and minerals

Types of hair treatment

 1. Hot oil Massage :

Hair Problems Solution Chandigarh

Oil massage is essential for strong and healthy hair. Massage in the head increases the circulation of blood due to which the hair fall stops, hence the root of hair gets nourished and the hair looks healthy and clean. Oil massage is the solution of the problem of dry hair and it also removes the dandruff. By doing oily massage everyday, the hair is clean and curly. This massage also provides peace of mind.

 2. Hair loss treatment:

We should always keep our hair clean. While shampooing, massage the scalp well and clean the hair properly, keep in mind that there is no shampoo in the hair. Shampoo should be removed from the hair well and after this hair should be treated. make herbal oil hot and apply it on the hair roots and massage your scalp with it. After massage with oil, give ozone steam for 5 to 7 minutes. Mix protein in yogurt and mix it. After this hair wash. This treatment can be done in 10 to 15 days.

3. Treatment for Dandruff :

Dandruff is always in dirty hair. Therefore, we should always keep our hair clean. To avoid dandruff in hair, we should wash hair and add antidepressant lotion to herbal oil and apply it to the root of hair. Then massage the with the oil for 10-15 minutes, then give the ozone stream for 5 to 10 minutes or you should add 2 tablespoon protein packs in sour yogurt and apply it in the hair root and keep it for 45 minutes. Then give hair wash after that.

4. Split ends Treatment :

Split ends means the two-headed hair. The split ends cause the growth of hair to grow and hair is visible. Therefore, it is necessary to cut these split ends. It is important to have hair dry for cutting them. Take the hair into thin-thin layer and then press it between two fingers and move the fingers upwards. Now cut the hair that is on the side. If split ends do not cut, hair growth stops.

5. Henna conditioner mehndi :

Mehndi is a very old plant. It has been used by humans for years. It is also called herbal dye, henna is also used to hide gray hair. Breaking the White Hair can not stop the growth of hair but it can be concealed. Neither does white hair show nor does it have to be cut. Mehdi does not only cover the hair color but also does conditioning it. If you have to paint hair. So you should put Mehdi dry hair and if you have to do hair conditioning. Then you should put it in oily hair.

6.Hair food :

Hair food is the food of hair. This hair becomes shining, silky, colour and strong. It removes the diseases of the skull, it also works condition for hair, it stops the hair fall. For the of the food, keep an amla , rye, sandalwood, fenugreek, neem leaves and gourd juice mixed in curd. Soak this food for 2 to 3 hours and then apply it in hair. Leave it for 45 minutes and then wash hair with normal water.

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