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Celebration! as we listen this word, our face filled with smile & Happiness. We plan to have party to celebrate. In Feeling of happiness we forgot so many necessary things for party. So we plan to hire Event Management Company. In Chandigarh we found many Event Management Companies. Today we talk about One of the best Event Management Company in Chandigarh at online gift wala blog.

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Demand of Event Management Company In Chandigarh

Chandigarh is one of the Union Territory. Also Known as City Beautiful. Population of Chandigarh is 1230763. City Chandigarh is also known as TRICITY. It is combination of three cities Chandigarh, Panchkula, Zirakpur & Mohali. As city is having large population , combined with three cities. One or more Event happens in city on regular basis.

So, There is huge demand of Event Management Companies in Chandigarh. Event Management Companies is a platform which leads our event in right direction.  As event Management Companies helps to plan and execute that plan in right manner.

Events In Chandigarh

List of things Event Company keep in mind while Planning Event.

Best Event Planner In Chandigarh

As Event Management Companies are right Platform.  List below are few points they consider before  the Event.

  1. What kind of event is this? Be it Corporate Event, Social Event, Promotional Event, Wedding, Birthday Party and so on.
  2. If its a Corporate or social event what is the motive of event?
  3. If Wedding or Birthday, which theme is preferable?
  4. Accordingly they suggest venue as banquet, wedding palace, hotel or so on.
  5. Colour Scheme will be planned as per the event and theme.
  6. As per venue Stage setup will be arranged. Some required Low stage, some high stage with mike & Projector. Setup depends on the venue and kind of event. Event Organiser helps in suggested the same.
  7. If its a Birthday Party, What kind of Artist will fit as per party Theme. Be it Magician, Be it Tatoo Artist, be it nail artist.
  8. Be it Corporate Event , Social event, Wedding, Promotional every Event require Host to engage people. Event Planner will suggest which kind of Host or Anchor or Emcee will fit?
  9. Few Clients need logo designs and other decorative designs for events. Best Event Organiser will help to suggest the designs as per theme or event.
  10. Last but not the least, Event Manager plan event to fit into clients Budget. Event Organiser provide value to their money.

Best Event Management Company in Chandigarh.

We have discussed the demand of Event Management Companies in Chandigarh. Also we are aware that Chandigarh is crowded with many Event Management Companies. Out of that JASHAN EVENT N PRODUCTION is one of the best event management companies. This Organisation is professional Event Management company. Main aim of the organisation is CLIENT SATISFACTION. They have team of good, Qualified and professional Event Managers.

Best Event Management Company in chandigarh

Top Event Management Company In Chandigarh

Jashan Event N Production is Chandigarh Based Event Management Company. Organisation  Established in 2011. In such a small tenure company has good clientage.  Jashan Event N Production provide services PAN India(In each and every State & City of India).  Company is known for its quality Work in Event Industry. Below we discuss the list of Locations in which Jashan Event N Production provide their Services.

List of Cities where Services Provided by Jashan Event N Production. 

JASHAN EVENT N PRODUCTION provide services of Event PAN India. Here is list of Cities and States where services Provided.

    1. Delhi & NCR.
    2. Chandigarh.
    3. Zirakpur
    4. Mumbai.
    5. Hyderabad.
    6. Pune.
    7. Chennai.
    8. Panchkula.
    9. Mohali.
    10. Ludhiana.
    11. Jalandhar
    12. Bathinda
    13. Moga.
    14. Ferozpur.
    15. Hoshiarpur.
    16. Nawashar.
    17. Phagwara.
    18. Ambala.
    19. Kurkshetra.
    20. Karnal.
    21. Panipat.
    22. Sonipat.
    23. Kaithal.
    24. Hissar.
    25. Bhiwani.
    26. Rohtak.
    27. Shimla.
    28. Nalagarh.
    29. Baddi.
    30. Solan.
    31. Dharampur.
    32. Kasauli.
    33. Rampur.
    34. Kangra.
    35. Dalhouise.
    36. Mussorie.
    37. Nainitaal.

 Services of Jashan Event N Production.

Jashan Event N Production, one of the Famous Event Management Company in Chandigarh provide number of services to their clients. Few of the services are listed below. Choose best for your upcoming Event.

Famous Event Management Company In Chandigarh.

Corporate Events

The Corporate Event is one of the service offered by one of the best event management Company in Chandigarh. Corporate events can be of different types. The most common one is the Conference & Press Conference. Seminars,Training, Workshops are also kind of Corporate events.

Top Event Management Company in ChandigarhSocial Events

Fairs, Festivals, Gala Nights, Award Programmes, Networking Events, Goverment meetings these are some of the social events. If  you are planning for any of the social event. Jashan Event N Production can be the best platform for your planned event.

Best Event Organisation in Chandigarh

Mall Activity

Mall, all shops under one roof. In Chandigarh we have many Malls like Elante, DT Mall, Paras down town  Mall etc. Any opening of Showroom, Launch of new cars, products, flash Mob, play to give meaningful message. Jashan Event N Production manage and organise all these Mall Activities.

Best Mall Activity Planner in Chandigrah


Promotional Activity

As name suggests itself, promotional activity means promotion of product. Different strategies can be used to promote. Free sampling activity is one of the common activity that can be used. Human Banners can be used to promote. Jashan Event will help you to make concept of these kind of promotional activities.

Best Promotional activities

  Branding and Advertisement

Other Service provided by Jashan Event and production is Branding and advertisement. Branding can be done by hanging unipole on roadsides. Hanging Flex or sunboard banners in society or in market places. Big Helium balloon can be placed for this kind of activity. Event Planner will suggest you activity as per your requirement.

Top Event Planner in Chandigarh

Road Show

Famous Event Planner in Chandigarh

Attached Image itself say Road show is solution for branding, launch, advertising any product or brand.  This kind of activity is done to make people aware of product or brand with sound. Anchor travel in this roadshow to brief about the product.

Fashion Show

Designers launch their designs and brand by this activity. Fashion show is best platform for designers, models for promoting and branding. Jashan Event N Production organise Fashion shows in different states and cities.

Event Coordinator in chandigarh


Exhibition, where different brands are in competition. Few brands are displaced  to permote and to give knowledge about products and brands.  Exhibition can be of different types.  Fabric Exhibition, Agricultural Exhibition, Electronics Exhibition and so on. Setup for Exhibition will be different from other setups. Only best event organiser can suggest best setup to display things better.

Top Event Organiser in Chandigarh


Wedding are most special day of anybody’s life. To make your special day extra special. Event Manager at Jashan Event N Production helps you to provide best wedding. They provide Venue, stage decoration, light decoration, caterers, Invitation Card & Gift Designs. They are the one stop solution for all your wedding needs.

Best Wedding planner in Chandigarh

Birthday Parties

Birthday, one of the special day for oneself and parents. To make your Birthday special  with different themes, Colours, Gift Suggestions, Venue, decoration Jashan Event N Production is best solution you can find in Chandigarh.

Best Birthday Party Organizer in Chandigarh

Celebrity Management

Celebrity, a Famous face. Stage Show, Star Nights, Live concert, singer night are kind of activities under celebrity management. Celebrities are also called to launch or opening of product, brand, showroom etc. Jashan Event N Production   deals in celebrity management.

Popular Event Management Company in Chandigarh

Artist Management

Top Event Coordinator in chandigarh

Tattoo Artist, Nail Artist, Magician, Sclupturer are few artist. These artist will add value charm of your event. To Add this value. Jashan Event N Production is one right place to Coordinate.

Manpower Management

To give you Comfortable and hassle free event Manpower like Anchor, Emcee, Host, Bouncers, Security guards are provided. Main aim of Jashan Event N Production is to give its clients Full Satisfaction, comfortable & Secure Events. So Manpower Management is also provided to you.

Other Services

Apart from above listed services Jashan Event N Production also provides Fabrication. It Includes Stage setup, light, sound, Platforms, Backdrops. As different event require different setup.  As setup for Conference is different from Promotional or Mall Activity. for wedding stage is different from Concert. So Event manager suggest stage setup according to events.

Best Celebrity Management Company in Chandigarh

So, If you are planning for any Event. You can avail above listed services for your upcoming Events. Pls Contact Jashan Event N Production.

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Top Event Organisation in Chandigarh

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