Nail Problems Solution In Chandigarh

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Chandigarh Nail Services is given. Our responsibility is to show your nail clean and tidy. If the are messy nail , then there is more chance of getting sick than this, so we should always keep our nails clean. Chandigarh beauty parlour the best for nail service. He also gives us beauty tips to maintain the beauty of our hands. Chandigarh is a very clean city. But it is natural to get dust in the nails. That’s why we want to clean your nails everyday.

Need  For Best Nail Problem Solution In Chandigarh

Nail Problem Solution at Chandigarh

Nails are made of carotene. Carotene is a protein-rich substance. The size of the nails is long and upwards. We should clean our nails everyday. If the nails will have soil or odor. So it can also lead to diseases. Therefore it is necessary to take care of looking after nails or cleaning it. If any of our work is done then they do it with their hands, therefore, the soil in the nails goes first and if there is so many mud in the nail. Which can go into our mouth through eating food. By which can be sick, therefore we need to do nail service.

Types of Nail Service For Nail Care

  • Manicure
  • Pedicure
  • Nail Art

1.Manicure :

Nail Problems Solutions Chandigarh

Manicure is done to keep hands clean and healthy. Massage made in manicure keeps the wrist wristing flexible and soft and it removes wrinkles (Rinkhals) Manicure enhances blood circulation in hands and fingers, the massage offered in the manicure brings relief from being comfortable.

25 Different Types Of Manicure

  1. Gold-and-Black Manicure
  2. Tip of Bling Manicure
  3. Moon Glitter Manicure
  4. Ombre Nails Manicure
  5. Just One Finger Glitter Manicure
  6. Mix and Match Manicure
  7. Angle the glitter Manicure
  8. Textured Nails Manicure
  9. Curved Manicure
  10. Triangle Nail Art Manicure
  11. Rhinestone Art Manicure
  12. Colour Me Neon Nails Manicure
  13. Glitter French Manicure
  14. Candy Stripes Manicure
  15. Christmas Spirit Manicure
  16. Glitter Claws Manicure
  17. Starry Night Manicure
  18. Go Whack Manicure
  19. Contrast Glitter Manicure
  20. 3D Art Manicure
  21. Criss-Cross Pattern Manicure
  22. Rainbow Nails Manicure
  23. Flaming Nails Manicure
  24. Confetti Glitter Manicure
  25. Two Minded Manicure

2.Pedicure :

Nail Problems Solution Chandigarh

Pedicure is used to keep the leg’s heels and nails beautiful and healthy. Leg and nail care are called pedicure. Foot is also an important part of the body, it is the responsibility of keeping our beauty and healthy. Blood circulation in the pedicure from the pedicure increases pedicure muscles (stimulation) from pedicure. keeps the skin of the skin beautiful, healthy. And this also removes stress. Makes maintenance and attractive legs.

Your foot care should always be on your personal care list. Removes the stress of your toes and feet. It removes the dead skin of the feet. And feet appear clean and healthy. Therefore pedicure is essential for our feet.

15 Different Types Of Pedicure

  1. Regular Pedicure
  2. French Pedicure
  3. Gel Pedicure
  4. Paraffin Pedicure
  5. Hot Stone Pedicure
  6. Fish Pedicure
  7. Mini Pedicure
  8. Spa Pedicure
  9. Ice Cream Pedicure
  10. Margarita Pedicure
  11. Waterless Pedicure
  12. Salt Pedicure
  13. Chocolate Pedicure
  14. Athletic Pedicure
  15.  Rose Pedicure

3. Nail Art

Best Nail Problems Solution In Chandigarh

Nail art is not only done to decorate nails, but also to protect Nail. By which the nail is not broken and it looks clean and beautiful. This is a type of artwork. Which is done after manicure and pedicure. Through Nail Art, we have a creative way of decorating our nails. Nail art is a very good art of Nail.

11 Types Of Nail Art Techniques
  1. Painting With a Brush
  2. Sponge Bobbing
  3. Stamping Looks Great
  4.  Taping is Not a Task
  5. Digi World Nail Art
  6. Stencil Method
  7. Airbrush Nail Art Technique
  8. Nail Art Decals and Stickers
  9. Splatter Nails
  10. Water Marble Nail Art Technique
  11. Sharpie Nail Art

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